The short version of the daily Internet

The short version of the daily Internet
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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Guess what's just around the corner?

You probably won't guess, so I won't keep you waiting --


Hockey is back, and to commemorate, here's a highlight reel put together by me. It's a chance to see the truly amazing that happens in the world of hockey each year.

Obvious goal-of-the-year, scored while most were tallying the votes for other candidates.

This goal always gets a lot less credit than it should; the positioning of his body is almost unbelievable.

Not particularly amazing for a goal, but the meaning to Chicago fans is immeasurable. Compare to:

Except replace "Chicago" with "Canada".

I'd give you more but I don't want the front page to have a bazillion YouTube videos trying to load at once.


  1. Do you play hockey? or just a fan?

  2. cool videos looks a great sport

  3. nice videos ;) in my country there are no teams playing it ;o