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The short version of the daily Internet
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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Celebrating: John Lennon (embedding has been disabled by the video author).

It's good to know that thirteen million people still hear John's voice so many years after his death. If there's one thing that makes me believe in music, it's the Beatles.

So thoroughly nowadays do I doubt the ability of music to change the world for the better. I know that the music industry is bent on the concept of maximizing the cash output, such to the point where automated machines are responsible for much of popular music today. For music to thrive I believe it cannot take steps backwards like auto-tune.

I am scared for the future of musicians. It's obvious how far the overall quality of music has plummeted since its importance in the 60s. But I will always have hope, because I know hope is what drives people to success. I have high hopes for the band which I play music in. The four of us believe strongly that people will still fill the stands to see a rock and roll band, regardless of whether it's us or another band with the same ideals.

So I propose a toast to hope. Hope that this form of expression will remain that, and not a form of capitalism in motion. Happy Birthday, John Lennon.


The Big L.P.

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  1. I toast right along with you! Although I do enjoy music from the more recent times

  2. why do all the great ones leave so fast.

  3. amen to the beatles amen to john lennon! this make's me happy!

  4. Yep, yep. Nice read here; hoping you post more.

  5. The beatles are great! and John was awesome

  6. Great music. I'm brining up the playlist now!