The short version of the daily Internet

The short version of the daily Internet
Welcome, and spread the word! The Lavender Placenta is a blog bringing daily minutiae of the Internet to your doorstep, with intent on giving attention to that which deserves it. But it doesn't end there - this blog puts emphasis on user-submitted content, so that we all share together!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Grand Opening

One of the things that amazes me about music is its constant ability for one to put its own stamp on it. Especially, when considering the fact that many musicians have copyrights on chord progressions. Music is something that relates to us all -- albeit in many different variations.

This trinket of genres merged - space rock, techno, psychedelia - is an example of some type of underground, something found in the comfort of anonymity. I found it browsing a music forum, where this man eagerly promoted the download of his product for no price. Something that reminded me of the good in music, that is, making it out of love and not for money.

Not only that, but while listening through the whole album I noticed a sample that the producer was using was from one of my favorite songs (I'll let you guess which sample it was. hint: Beastie Boys also sampled it in the 80s). It brought to me a fresh interpretation. The drum beat alone can stand for so many things. I am compelled to believe that "fresh interpretations" are just one dynamic that makes music so multifaceted. It's the same umbrella of a band covering a song from their muses of choice.

There is a reason I started this blog. I thought back to a time when we weren't blessed and cursed with the revolutionary Internet. It was a lot different. Now a days, I see ordinary people who take a part of their lives and share it with the entire planet. Why, the other day I watched America's Got Talent on TV, and lo and behold, it was the YouTube special. It wasn't long after that had I discovered just how many people watch that program. In summation, they took YouTube submissions of Americans doing their thing, and brought them to a stage of millions. Susan Boyle, the modern model of Internet discovery, just one of many talents brought to your screen thanks to the Internet. YouTube itself is responsible for the fortune of many.

I want to promote that. That moment of something that is truly mind-blowing no longer hiding in Scottish back-country. With this blog, the more that people share, the more people will be brought a similar story. Or, a completely different story entirely.

This demo album is the perfect exemplar for my exhibit. It is plucked from beyond the reaches of the social conscious. It is something that shows talent and promise, and deserves a share of the spotlight. With this posting, I can guarantee that someone somewhere will enjoy it. Thus is the concept of Lavender Placenta.

The Big L.P.

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